China’s foreign minister visits Myanmar en route to India

China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang stopped in Myanmar on 2nd May en route to India for the meeting of foreign ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation that begins in Goa on 4th May.

China’s foreign minister, Qin Gang, visited the border area between Myanmar and China on Tuesday and emphasised the need to intensify bilateral cooperation.

On a tour of the border region between China and Myanmar on Tuesday, Qin Gang emphasised the need to faithfully implement the policies of the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party and maintain stability in the border region. He also stressed the importance of collaboration between China and Myanmar and provided fresh opportunities for work on the border and in Myanmar.

The Chinese foreign minister also talked about how to strengthen practical collaboration in a range of areas, including the economy and livelihood.

Qin Gang called for efforts to manage the China-Myanmar border based on the rule of law, strengthen learning, publicity, and implementation of the National Land Boundary Law of China, improve cooperation between the Party, government, military, police, and civilians to strengthen border security, maintain the clarity of the boundary line and stability of the border area, and crack down on cross-border criminal activities,” an official release from China said.

The Jiegao Border, the Mangman Passage of the Wanding Port, the comprehensive exhibit centre of the Ruili Demonstration Area, and border communities of “One Village, Two Countries” were also inspected by Qin Gang who is the Chinese State Councillor.

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