China decides to evacuate citizens from India amid rise in corona cases, border tensions

China has decided to evacuate its citizens, including students, tourists and businessmen, from India in the wake of the rising Covid-19 cases in the country. The Chinese Embassy notice has also come at a time when several face-offs have been reported between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the last one month. In an urgent notice, the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi has informed its citizens residing in India that special flights would be available to fly them back home.

The notice says that the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made elaborate plans specially for students and tourists who have been facing difficulty in taking flights to China. Sources at the Embassy said that the notice has nothing to do with escalating border tension between India and China, and it’s Covid-centric. The notice, published in Mandarin on the Embassy’s website on 25 May, suggests several health precautions for the passengers flying home, while also stressing those who opt to return home will have to pay the fare, to be determined by airlines according to business model, and isolation fees.

It also says those returning will have deemed to have consented to bear any risks while returning and accepting various quarantine and epidemic prevention arrangements during the flight and after entry by purchasing the tickets. The embassy will register the passengers till 27 May. The order says that in order to ensure public health and safety, diagnosed or suspected cases, those who have fever and cough symptoms within the past 14 days, and those who are in close contact with Covid-positive people should not book and take flights.

If the body temperature exceeds 37.3 degrees (inclusive) or there are suspected symptoms before boarding, the airline will refuse boarding, the notice says. As per the notice, strict quarantine inspection will be carried out at the port of entry. If a passenger conceals his illness and contact history or it is found that he has taken antipyretics and other inhibitory drugs during the quarantine inspection, he will be held liable for the crime of endangering public safety.

Chinese citizens working in different Chinese companies in India would require a clearance certificate from the parent company to leave India. The Embassy notice also reminds the applicants of furnishing certain formalities at the airport once they reach China. “The passenger must agree to accept the Chinese Customs’ sampling of nucleic acid and blood tests.

The minor’s domestic guardian must agree to the Chinese Customs to conduct nucleic acid testing and blood testing for its guardian, as well as cooperate with the guardian’s isolation for medical observation in accordance with the relevant requirements of the local government,” adds the notice.

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