Chief Justice D Y Chandrachur smiles on junior’s retort

These days, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court D.Y. Chandrachur is seen in the court chamber sitting with his personal laptop. He is regularly encouraging other judges to follow him and advise them to reduce the paper work. It has been well taken by the judges. But the legal practitioners are not very enthusiastic about it. They want to stick to the old model of using paper files, affidavits, and counter affidavits in paper form. One day in open court, the Chief Justice advised a very senior advocate to use an iPad for the hearing. Another, a little junior but already established in the profession, was not very enthusiastic about using a laptop or iPad in the courtroom. When asked, he replied, “I have already instructed other juniors in my chamber not to use either mobile or iPad.” Because they were found to be obsessed with the mobile and iPad. Now how can I use the same gadgets that I have banned in my chamber?” The chief justice had no answer but smiled.

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