Chhattisgarh CM celebrates the tribal culture of Gaura-Gauri Puja in Bhilai

Bhupesh Baghel, Chief Minister of Chattisgarh reached Jangiri in Chattisgarh’s Durg on Tuesday and got whipped on the occasion of Gauri-Gaura puja.

Many people gathered to witness the rite being performed by their Chief Minister for the benefit of his state’s citizens. The chief minister claimed in a statement to the media that the “wonderful tradition” is celebrated for the welfare of all.

“This beautiful tradition is celebrated for the prosperity of all,” Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel said remembering Bharosa Thakur on occasion.
“I believe that the occasion represents equality and that’s why this is celebrated as everyone is equal before the almighty,” he added.

In this village, Bharosa Thakur, a senior person, used to carry out this custom, which his son Birendra Thakur has now embraced.
CM Baghel expressed his joy that Thakur’s son is now carrying the whipping tradition forward.
Baghel claimed that the opportunity to demonstrate tribal culture, which is typically performed by the village chief (Mukhiya) in this community of potters, is a stroke of luck.
After the Diwali puja, the ceremony of worshipping Lord Shiv and Parvati is carried out here.

The footage of the event makes it crystal clear that CM Bhupesh Baghel is standing in the middle of a big audience with his hand outstretched, while a man is rapping his wrists repeatedly. This individual repeatedly beats CM Bhupesh Baghel—five times in a row—before joining hands and bowing to him.

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