Lampard pinpoints key areas for Chelsea’s inconsistency


Chelsea’s caretaker manager Frank Lampard has pointed out one of the key areas that will help them progress towards more consistency. The instability and constant changes in Chelsea’s playing eleven have proved to be a hindrance to their ability to operate as a team.

“In a broad sense, and I am not just talking about myself, this season the numbers show that we are the team that changes the most; it’s 11 the most, so coming in at this point for me is trying to find the connections within the team, the partnerships within the team, which are crucial,” Frank Lampard said.

“We all know the great teams out there that we have witnessed over the last however many years, and you can name the connections in them. When those things are not settled, it is very hard to get the consistency of what you want, and you end up searching for it. That can be difficult, and that is probably why people call it transition, and that is a challenge.”

The Blues still have four games in their hands, and even though they are likely to miss out on European football, Lampard would still try to lay the groundwork to ensure success for next season.

“In my position now, as much as we want results, because results will get thrown in your face, we also need to try to find those little connections within the team for what will be going forward.”

“Some of the younger players who have come into the club have maybe not had the opportunity to settle, to feel comfortable in the team, to understand that the full-back is going to overlap them or the midfield player is going to support them,” Lampard concluded. Chelsea are set to face Nottingham Forest at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League on Saturday.