Just in two months, the world is talking Artificial Intelligence much often than ever before. All credits to marvelous Open API project ChatGPT with extended partnership of Microsoft. The phenomenal growth of its popularity in debates ranges from education, industry, retail, pharmaceuticals, IT to every other sector.

This technology storm is well claimed by salient features of Human Friendly AI Text Tool ChatGPT a.k.a Chatbot. As expressed by Open API, ChatGPT is a ‘Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer.’ It interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer follow up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests. ChatGPT is a sibling model to InstructGPT, which is trained to follow an instruction in a prompt and provide a detailed response.

It is trained with language models that are much better at following user intentions, also making them more truthful and less toxic, using techniques developed through alignment research. ChatGPT is a text- based tool that takes interactive queries which is just same as two individuals talk. This technology of artificial intelligence saves queries, responses and preferences contained within user session akin to a humanly private conversation.

There is a provision to overriding preferences within given user session. This can be done by asking Chatbot to interact in a certain way, like addressing me by my name in all future conversations of a given user session. Not only that, but full conversation is also available as chat history for future reference mapping to human memory that allows recall of events. ChatGPT feature of organizing chat files includes deletion of chat history.

This feature was added in December 2022 release. One of the noteworthy features introduced in ChatGPT January 2023 release, allow the user to interrupt conversation by using “Stop Generation” button. It means while ChatGPT is generating a response and the user is no longer interested in the conversation, it can be halted immediately to start another conversation. Along with it, ‘Save and Submit’ is another cool feature that allows you to ask the same question again and revive the conversation for a certain topic and ask follow-up questions. Interestingly, ChatGPT also breaks down the lengthy explanations in bullet points for easy comprehension.

Amazingly, it further allows cross reference to text in the previous answer and participates in follow up conversations in a humanly fashion. Upon Session logout, the chat session is automatically saved and can be continued upon re-login. Chatbot does have the intelligence to understand the underlying user intention in query and creates alternate result set.

The ChatGPT conversation is so engaging that it creates the illusion of human interaction ~ What a Cognitive Rhythm. With such revolutionary impactful AI Tool in market, it is crucial time for the technology era to re-visit critical thinking concepts. It is important to note, AI inherent and robust algorithm to produce smart and accurate responses, poses challenge to human knowledge levels. ChatGPT, is enough powerful in its early stage to qualify as a self-evaluating test tool for reasoning patterns of the human mind. To the glory of ChatGPT, it is an open talking book that automatically creates conducive environment to invite user inquisitiveness for finding more.

ChatGPT is almost claiming to be perfect to replace human jobs and manual research methods. The exceptional new goodness wrapped in AI will create counterintuitive impact. The human mind may work at its best in need of validating ChatGPT responses, cross validation of content and finding anomalies.

And this can be an unseen benefit for cognitive skills in the fast-moving visual world of social media. ChatGPT enhanced and thorough conversations will intrigue human brains to read and deep dive traditional sources of libraries and paper books for references and quest of knowledge. Lastly, ChatGPT has immense potential to stand as competition to human brainstorming and discussion practices and in turn make the learning process more comprehensive.

As we wait for the next wonderful features of ChatGPT, it is the time to share and enjoy distinct interaction stories with ChatGPT~The ultimate human dialogue-based AI learning tool of the era! (The authors are also the Project Leaders of a research study started in India titled “Project ChatGPT and Law Schools in India).

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