Char Dham Yatra: Two pilgrims die due to heart attack

On Monday, two persons died of a heart attack in Uttarakhand’s Yamnotri during the ongoing Char Dham Yatra, as per the officials statement.

“The Chardham Yatra pilgrims are disregarding the warning that the Uttarakhand government has issued about the Chardham Yatra. The government has issued health advisories for the travellers, however due to neglect, pilgrims have perished in Yamunotri Dham for the second day in a row. Two people have already passed away in Yamnotri from heart attacks, according to the statement. The Uttarakhand Char Dham Yatra pilgrims have been encouraged by the authorities to have a complete physical examination before beginning the yatra. The health screening form should be filled out simultaneously with a thorough health checkup, especially for the old, unwell, and pilgrims above the age of 55, it noted.


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