Chandigarh records hottest this month


According to the India Meteorological Department, the maximum temperature rose from 35.1°C on Wednesday to 36.2°C on Thursday, making it the hottest September day since 2020. (IMD).

Thursday’s maximum temperature of 36.2°C was three degrees above normal and the highest since 36.6°C on September 22, 2020. Since August 10, Thursday was also the hottest day this year, with the maximum temperature reaching 36.4°C.

In September 2021, the maximum temperature had not crossed 35.7°C throughout September 2021.

Since September 1, the temperature has been rising in the absence of rain, according to IMD officials. The dry weather is expected to last through Friday and Saturday, with a chance of rain on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the low temperature fell from 25.6°C on Wednesday to 25.5°C on Thursday, but it remained four degrees above normal. The maximum temperature will remain between 34°C and 35°C for the next three days, while the minimum temperature will remain around 26°C.