Chandigarh: Fire breaks out at trading company, no casualties reported


On Monday, a fire erupted at a trading company located in Industrial Area Phase 2 of Chandigarh.

As of now, approximately 22 fire brigades have been dispatched to the scene, where firefighters are actively engaged in a determined effort to combat the blaze, working tirelessly to gain control over the fire.

Fire brigade officer Dashharu Singh, who reached the spot, said, “We got information about the incident at 8:04 in the morning, after which we reached the spot with four fire brigade vehicles and started controlling the fire. This factory is of furniture which had a lot of inflammable materials due to which the fire increased so much”.

“Till now 22 to 26 fire brigade vehicles have been used. Right now it is possible for me to tell how many vehicles we have used.  After leaving here we will see how many vehicles have been used. At present the situation is that we have controlled it today. The fire had also reached the second factory but was stopped before it could spread. There is no news of any loss of life or casualties in this fire”, added Singh.

Amidst the crisis, neighboring factories initiated the challenging process of moving their products to more secure areas to mitigate additional losses.

The Chandigarh Police acted promptly in responding to the situation, offering crucial support in its management. The persistent blaze inflicted extensive damage on the factory, leaving it severely scorched and completely destroyed.