Uttarakhand: Chaitra Navratri to be celebrated as ‘Nari Shakti Utsav’ across the state

Chaitra Navratri, starting on Wednesday, will be celebrated this time as Nari Shakti Utsav (a women’s power festival) across Uttarakhand. During this time, programs of goddess worship will be organized in each district. For this, the culture department has released Rs 1,000,000 to all the district magistrates.

Culture Department Secretary Harichandra Semwal said, “On the auspicious occasion of Chaitra Navratri, nine forms of Maa Durga will be worshipped with rituals. Chaitra Navratri has been given special importance in the Vedas and Puranas. It has been considered the basis of self-purification and liberation. Worshipping Maa Durga in Chaitra Navratri removes negative energy, and positive energy circulates all around.”

“Therefore, in view of the widespread religious importance of Chaitra Navratras in the state of Uttarakhand, religious and cultural programs will be organized in all major Devi temples and Shaktipeeths in the state,” he added.

“On these auspicious dates of Chaitra Navratri, the government is running a special campaign, keeping in view the above objectives and public sentiments, on the occasion of Navratras, a symbol of the strength and power of mother power, in all the major goddess temples / Shakti Peethas of all the districts of the state, from 22 March to 30 March,” he further remarked.

“Till Navratri will be celebrated as Nari Shakti Utsav, and it has been decided to organize Durga Saptami / Ramcharitmanas / Devi Gayan / Devi Jagran, etc. lessons on this occasion. Women and girls will specially participate in these programmes,” he added.

He also informed them that for the organization of this festival to be organized across the state, a committee will be formed by the District Magistrates at the district/development block level, in which the cooperation of the District Information Officer will be taken to connect the general public with the organizations and programs related to cultural, religious, and public participation.

“It will be decided by the said committee which Devi temples/Shakti peeths should be organized at the district/development block level,” he said. For the successful organization of these programs across the state, the Culture Department has provided an amount of Rs 1.00 lakh, and other arrangements will be made by the district administration at its own level.

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