Centre Notified Appointment Justice Amit Sharma As Permanent Judge Of Delhi High Court

The Centre has issued a notification for the appointment of Justice Amit Sharma as the permanent judge of the Delhi High Court.
The Central Government on 31.05.2022, had notified the appointment of Justice Amit Sharma, who earlier being a practicing lawyer as the Additional Judge of Delhi High Court. Justice Amit Sharma took an oath on June 01, 2022 and the name of him was recommended by the Supreme Court Collegium for elevation as judges of the Delhi High Court in November 2021.
The Supreme Court Collegium has also recommended that Justice Sharma is to be made a permanent judge against an existing vacancy.
It has also been stated by the Supreme Court Collegium with regards to all the relevant factors, the Collegium being of the considered view that Shri Justice Amit Sharma, Additional Judge, is suitable for being appointed as the Permanent Judge of High Court of Delhi.
It has also been recommended by the Delhi High Court’s Collegium on January 09 the name of Justice Sharma for appointment as a permanent judge of the court.
The Supreme Court in its resolution dated February 15 stated that the court in order to ascertain the fitness and suitability of Shri Justice Amit Sharma, for being appointed as a Permanent Judge, after the consultation was held with a view to ascertain his suitability for elevation in terms of the Memorandum of Procedure, with Judges of the Supreme Court conversant with the affairs of the Delhi High Court.
Further, it has been stated the Supreme Court Collegium that in order assess merit and suitability of Justice Sharma for his appointment as a Permanent Judge, the Supreme Court Collegium scrutinized and evaluated the material placed on record which includes the observations made by the Department of Justice in the file as well as the report of the Judgment Evaluation Committee.

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