Centre has ‘fooled’ Bihar over special package: Tejashwi Yadav

Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Tejashwi Yadav on Wednesday alleged that the Central government has not done anything for the development of Bihar and has only fooled the state over its commitments to give the state s special package and status.

After the tabling of the Union Budget, he said, “Bihar is a backward state. The PM and the centre had made commitments to grant Bihar a special package and status several times before. I do not think anything of this sort will be done. They have only fooled us. Let us see what is being done for Bihar in the budget.”

Tejashwi also compared the previous budgets with the ones presented by the BJP-led government now.

“There is a lot of difference between previous budgets and the budget now. During UPA’s time, there was a separate railway budget. The present government has totally removed the railway budget. Now the common budget is small without any detailing. The people should be clearly told about the revenue and the expenditure. People should be told where the money is coming from and where is it going.” he said.

Earlier, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar spoke on his expectations from the Union Budget 2023 and said that the government should make certain efforts for the development of the state.

While talking to the media, the CM said, “Everybody has put forward their points during the centre’s meeting with the states. Efforts should be made for the progress of a backward state like Bihar. All types of developments should take place. I have expectations in this regard.”

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