Central Government Notifies the Posting For The Newly Appointed NCLT Members


The Central government vide notification dated 02.12.2022 in its order notified the posting of newly appointed NCLT Members.
The posting of the Judicial Members are as follows;
Justice (Retd.) T Krishna Vali- Bengaluru
Kuldeep Kunar Kareer- Mumbai
Ashok Kumar Bhardawaj- New Delhi
Praveen Gupta- Allahabhad
Bidisha Banerjee- Kolkata
The Posting of Technical Members is as follows:
Prabhat Kumar- Mumbai
Charan Singh-Hyderabad
Anu Jagmohan Singh-Mumbai
Ashish Verma-Allahabhad
Atul Chaturvedi- New Delhi.
The Central Government has earlier notified the appointment of 15 new members for NCLT but only 10 members took oath and has joined so far.
The working strength of NCLT rises to 38 members after making of these appointments as against the sanctioned strength of 63 members.
Recently, it is informed by the Central Government that after the appointment of these 15 members process for appointment of other 19 vacancies is under process.