Celebrate International Women’s day with handwoven sarees from Edhini


International Women’s day marks the rights of women, their equality in the society. In Hindu philosophy, a woman is considered as ‘Shakti’ the power. Women are the strength, the maker and the basis of society. Indian history has experienced many such fierce and self realised women like Jhansi ki Rani, Padmavati, Ahilyabai Holkar. These women loved and cared for the wellbeing of their people at the same time sacrificed their lives for freedom of the nation. Women, with their loving and motherly nature they nurture a child, imbibe them with values required for a good and healthy society. At the same time, women today are at greater heights with their jobs, in sports, leading businesses and politics. Since ages till today women are the potential making countries strong and proud of who they are!

8th March, the day for women to cherish and admire their womanhood. What can be a better way than celebrating this special day with Edhini, the best site to buy sarees. Flawless handcrafted sarees,  each unique and perfect in itself, for every woman to rejoice their womanhood. Edhini collection comprises cotton and linen subtle sarees best for formal and casual wear as well as ethnic wear silk sarees just made for festivals, weddings and parties. Every impeccable weave hand picked and brought to you straight from the weavers of India.

Pure Kanjivaram silk sarees 

Kanjivaram silk sarees also known as Kanchipuram silk sarees truly define grandiose with its bright and beaming fabrics, gold and silver brocades. Alluring and unique designs inspired from the human and animal figures carved on the old aged temples of the south are its forte. Irresistible to choose from, pure Kanchipuram silk sarees are a vital part of Indian weddings and festivals. This well versed art of handloom sarees from the village of South India is now known throughout the world.

Pure Banarasi Silk sarees 

Famous handloom sarees crafted at the shores of Ganges in Banaras are the depiction of excellent craftsmanship of the weavers of India. The time invested by them to weave each thread into the saree intertwined with gold and silver threads leads to a true masterpiece. Banarasi silk sarees have big borders as well pallus designed with zari motifs. Be it any wedding ceremony, festival or a special occasion, an authentic and beautiful Banarasi silk saree will save your day.

Khadi Cotton sarees 

Khadi cotton sarees are the example of subtle yet elegant outfit, a finest option for any casual day, a formal meeting or party. Cotton sarees are super comfy to skin because of its breathable nature, easy to handle and maintain for any hectic office day. Cotton sarees are known with a misconception that they are meant to wear for old and elderly women. To discard this, Edhini brings you Cotton sarees from West Bengal, the authentic art of weaving from the East. The appealing and stylish designs, soft and gleaming cotton fabrics, weaving techniques of saree say it all.

Shop the latest and best of Edhini saree collection for the woman you admire and adore on this International Women’s Day