CASE against 10-year-old boy, for ‘glorifying’ gun culture

Punjab police is making efforts in combating gun culture in Punjab. In the last 9 days, Punjab Police has suspended 900 gun licenses. On Friday afternoon, An FIR has been registered against a 10-year-old boy in Punjab’s Amritsar for allegedly promoting gun culture. Notably, the post was shared in 2015. The action has been taken after seven years.
As per information, the case has been registered at the Amritsar Rural based Kathunangal police station. The child’s father, Bhupinder Singh, had posted a photo of his son standing with a gun and wearing a bullet belt on his shoulders on his Facebook profile in the year 2015, when the child was 4-year-old. The photo caught the attention of the cyber cell of the police. After investigation, the police traced the child and his father Bhupinder. An FIR was also registered against two others — Vikramjit and Visarat — in the same case.
This is pertinent to mention that the Punjab Police cyber cell has not been able to put a blanket ban on guns promoting old songs so far. Many such songs can be heard on many social media sites.
The police have not shared much information in this case as the child is a minor. At present, a case has been registered against him under Section 188 of the IPC.
TDG spoke to NCPCR Chairman Priyank Kanoongo on this issue, he said with surprise, “How come someone file an FIR against a child for this, he was 4 year old when the photo was taken. NCPCR will send notice to Punjab Police on this”.
The Amritsar Rural Police have become active since the Chief Minister’s orders to take action against gun culture. About 15 cases have been registered in Amritsar Rural in a week. Earlier a case against a constable was registered for allegedly firing a gun in a marriage.
After realising its mistake Amritsar Rural Police tweeted, “Due to negligence/oversight a case was registered against the child, though his name is not mentioned in the #FIR. Let us assure all, The child would not be treated as an accused. NO #action will be
taken against any innocent. #TuhadiSevaSaadaFarz.

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