Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s plane takes off from Delhi as technical issue resolved

According to official, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his delegation departed on Tuesday afternoon after a technical issue with his aircraft has been rectified. Mohammad Hussain, Press Secretary for Canada’s Prime Minister’s Office, verified the news to the sources. An airport official confirmed that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s flight had been mended and he had left the city at 1 p.m. on Tuesday.

“The technical issue with the plane has been resolved. The plane has been cleared to fly. The Canadian delegation is expected to depart this afternoon,” Hussain told.

The Canadian Prime Minister, who arrived in India on Friday for the G20 Summit, had to extend his stay due to a technical problem with his plane. Trudeau was scheduled to leave on Sunday night, escorted by his son Xavier and a Canadian entourage.
A replacement jet scheduled to pick up Trudeau has been redirected to the UK and will depart early Tuesday morning (London time), according to the Canadian Prime Minister’s office. Trudeau continued to work from his hotel in New Delhi, according to CBC News.
It was previously reported that the Royal Canadian Air Force sent a CC-150 Polaris from CFB Trenton to India on Sunday night to pick up Justin Trudeau and the Canadian delegation.
The problem, according to Canada’s National Defence, involves a component that needs to be replaced. “The safety of all passengers is critical to the RCAF, and pre-flight safety checks are a regular part of all of our flight protocols,” Canada’s National Defense previously stated, according to CBC News.
It went on to say that the discovery of this problem demonstrates that these protocols are successful. The problem with the 36-year-old CC-150 Polaris was identified during the preflight check, according to the news article. It is not the first time Trudeau has had problems with the Polaris fleet.

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