Canada: Chandra Arya of the liberal party alleges threats against Hindus by extremists

Chandra Arya, a member of the liberal party, claims extremists have threatened Hindus


Chandra Arya, a Canadian MP, claimed that extremist elements are “attacking” and “threatening” Hindu-Canadians to return to India amid the diplomatic standoff between India and Canada. Additionally, he has urged every Hindu Canadian living in the nation to maintain their composure, exercise caution, and notify law enforcement of any suspicious activity. Notably, Justin Trudeau’s party, the Liberal Party of Canada, also includes the Indo-Canadian leader Chandra Arya.

“Few days back Khalistan movement leader in Canada and the president of Sikhs for Justice which organizes the so-called referendum Gurpatwant Singh Pannun attacked Hindu Canadians asking us to leave Canada and go back to India,” Arya posted on X (formerly Twitter).

“I have heard from many Hindu-Canadians who are fearful after this targeted attack. I urge Hindu-Canadians to stay calm but vigilant. Please report any incident of Hinduphobia to your local law enforcement agencies,” he added.
He further said that the Khalistan movement leader is trying to “provoke” the Hindu Canadians to react and “divide the Hindu and Sikh communities” in Canada.
However, Arya also clarified that a majority of Canadian Sikhs do not support the Khalistan movement.

“Let me be clear. Vast majority of our Canadian Sikh brothers and sisters do not support the Khalistan movement. Most Sikh Canadians may not publicly condemn the Khalistan movement for several reasons but they are deeply connected to the Hindu-Canadian community. Canadian Hindus and Sikhs are connected through family relationships and shared social and cultural ties,” he further said.

According to Arya, the recent attacks on Hindu temples and the widespread celebration of the assassination of Hindu Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by “terrorists” are intensifying as a result of the leader of the Canadian Khalistan movement’s “direct attack” on Hindu Canadians. He continued, “Canada has strong moral principles, and we fully uphold the rule of law.”

He further expressed disappointment at “glorification of terrorism” and hate crime being allowed in the name of “freedom of expression”.