Anxiety is the body’s natural response to stress. People suffering from extreme anxiety have experienced a constant feeling of fear, uneasiness, dread, and are almost always worried.

A common question asked by those who seek some relief from anxiety is, “Are there any natural remedies that can help my stress and anxiety?” Yes, there are many naturally found herbs, vitamins and minerals that can give assistance in anxiety, some of which have been utilised for eras and are now certainly earning recognition from doctors and researchers.

Most people think that anxiety is merely a piece of their character or produced by tension in their lives. However, biology also has a crucial function in how you manage your anxiety. Your neurotransmitters, hormones, inflammation levels and reaction to situations all determine how you control your anxiety levels during stressful situations. Unlike medications, which work on a single issue at a time and provide only symptom control, natural herbs, nutraceuticals and supplements for anxiety can help manage multiple systems working together to reach a natural destination at once without resulting in addiction or the body depending on them in the long term.

Nowadays, the general population is progressively embracing a healthy, more natural lifestyle. People are shifting their food habits to organic and natural ingredients. Similarly, when it comes to medication to help manage their stress and anxiety, most people opt for nutraceuticals, food supplements and herbs that are readily available. Here are some popular herbs to alleviate stress and anxiety:

Ginger, a source of naturally found nutraceuticals and healthy enzymes, is known to help stall the brains ageing process. Persistent inflammation and anxiety are factors that influence your brain health. Ginger has naturally found antioxidants and bioactive compounds that assist the fight against inflammation and improve the functioning of the brain as we age and deal with excessive stress.

Ginseng is a resourceful herb listed as an adaptogen. It signifies that Ashwagandha has a notable influence on controlling the body’s reaction to stress. Adaptogens, are agents that influence the hormones and bodily systems to improve how a person reacts to stress and anxiety. It is a commonly recommended herb suggested to women who need assistance to help manage their stress-related issues. It has also proven efficient and helpful in controlling other body ailments such as low thyroid and blood pressure.

Omega 3 rich foods are a source of healthy, natural vitamins and minerals that help the brain stay healthy and combat degenerative brain-specific symptoms. By diminishing the manifestations of anxiety and depression, omega 3 helps the brain function adequately and stay robust. In addition, these foods also help resist memory loss and other age-related brain issues.

Multiple studies have proven that the long-term use of chamomile extract assists in reducing the symptoms of moderate to severe levels of stress and anxiety. Chamomile is a flowering plant commonly used in tea. There are two varieties of Chamomile: Roman and German. Used as an extract, tablet, and as an ingredient in skincare, chamomile has proven to be effective as a stress and anxiety-relieving ingredient.

Co Q-10 is a naturally produced nutrient in our body. It aids energy production and fights off cell-damaging free radicals. Low Coenzyme Q10 levels can be one of the reasons patients suffer from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or other neurological disorders. CoQ10 supplementation has helped patients with low coenzyme Q10 levels manage their symptoms and, in some cases, reverse the effects of their ailments.

All these can be naturally sourced or can be consumed through nutraceuticals and supplements available in the market. Many patients believe that anxiety is something that they have to live with permanently. In reality, anxiety is often a consequence of biological irregularities that can be managed and regulated by including the correct supplements and ingredients in their diets. When used with other techniques from meditation, yoga, therapy and integrative nutraceuticals and food supplements can help patients on their path towards an anxiety-free.

The writer is a health expert and founder of Zyropathy.

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