Can AI Type Your Dissertation? Tips To Incorporate Both AI & Human In The Writing


The advent of artificial intelligence has marked a paradigm shift in different sectors. The stakeholders are optimizing it to achieve success. The incorporation of AI tools has created a buzz around the academic corner. 

A handful of essay writing services have been initiated using AI writing tools. Things are still under observation. But the question that began to crop up is, can AI really write your dissertation? 

The article will discuss the subject discussed above and, at the same discuss the ways through which you can incorporate both AI and Humans in writing the dissertation.

Advantages And Drawbacks Of Ai Writing Tools 

A few AI-powered tools are already experimenting with essay writing services. They are writing both the essay assignments and the dissertations on behalf of the students. According to an estimation, around 2.86 million students study in higher education, so the successful application of artificial intelligence can greatly benefit developers. 

Through the preliminary usage of AI tools, some of the advantages evolved out. But at the same time, dark patches of worry and questions also evolved. It is important to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of using AI writer tools in writing long dissertations.

Pros Of Ai Tools In Dissertations

Let’s discuss the advantages that you can reap with the help of these AI writing tools.

Large Volume Of Content Within A Short Period 

It is found that the AI writing tools have successfully generated large volumes of content within 90 seconds only. Therefore when there is a shortage of time, you can get the work done fast and easily.

Time And Effort Saving 

Dissertations are extremely long engagements. They can be from seven thousand words to can go beyond sixty thousand words. With the help of these services, you are getting them easily, within a short period. 

It Is Evolving 

AI is the future, and many other tools like Essay topic generators and citation generators are coming up. You are already aware of the spelling and grammar checker. 

Cons Of Ai Tools

Apart from the advantages, some serious disadvantages sprung up from the AI-generated tools. Let’s try to take a look at them here. 

Poor Feedback 

The automated tools provide you with feedback, but they are quite generalized, and you won’t get on them with the approach and quality you get with the human teacher.


These tools are pricey, and you must bear monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription charges. Students, throughout their academic careers, struggle with budget.

Apart from this, there have also been complaints about accuracy or quality. The tools are not available through mobile applications. Even one of the tools failed to understand a complex topic.

Hence you can understand that you are still in the initial stages of AI, at least in writing the dissertations that follow a particular structure and format. They also have specific guidance on the references and formatting requirements. The AI tools will have to go a long way in writing the dissertation.

Tips For Incorporating Ai And Humans In Writing 

Essay writing or dissertation writing involves a lot of your involvement. So students are taking the help of essay writing services to save time and energy. Professional essay writing services like IvoryResearch can deliver your long dissertation with the highest quality. They have the best SMEs who produce the highest quality writing for you. Apart from this, they also use AI tools to help you deliver your work well before time. 

Artificial intelligence is still maturing, and it might not be completely prepared to provide an impeccable dissertation for you. But you can intelligently use AI to write your dissertation if you want. Below we discuss some of the ways through which you can make use of AI. 

1. Use Ai To Brainstorm Topic Ideas 

The major requirement in an essay or dissertation is the time devoted to research. Ideally, a student spends hours gathering the resources needed for the best essay ideas.

You can use AI to brainstorm the topic idea fast and effectively. Just put the topic title, and you will get loads of data from the AI writer’s work. You can incorporate them into your essay.

2. Seo-Optimized Writing

The content’s ultimate aim must be ranking in the search engine. This is why companies, irrespective of size, focus on SEO-optimized writing. They help you gain the elevation needed to enhance your business opportunity. 

Now digital marketing companies keep the seo teams that work specifically on the ranking. Now you have tools to help you automate the seo sections that were managed manually. This is how you can make AI and humans collaborate. 

3. Drafting Your Writing Using Ai 

It is said that the AI lacks the human touch and, therefore, can not produce writing that looks human. But you can use it for your first draft. 

Now you can use the first draft’s help to write down your essay. They can serve your specific needs as you do not have to work extensively on them, and you can save time. Therefore you can draft your essay using the AI writing tool. With human involvement, you can bring in the best research to prepare the final draft.

4. Grammar And Sentence Tools

The student already uses a host of Grammar software that offers specific guidance on grammar and syntax. 

This software or tool checks and identifies your dissertation grammar and suggests the appropriate sentence structure required to write down the dissertations. The essay writing services also use these grammar software tools to make their work impeccable or free from grammar errors. These tools are advanced, and capable of delivering the best when you require the most. 

Putting The Discussion To A Close

Artificial intelligence is the future; therefore, the education sector is trying its best to optimize it. Technology is still embryonic in the education sector, specifically essay writing. But they are showing a great deal of promise for the new generation. So it’s best to combine human intelligence to produce the best results for you.