Building will never give results but discussion will, says KC Venugopal

On the first day of the special session of Parliament, Congress leader KC Venugopal stated that the new Parliament building is unimportant, but the debate within it is.

The last day of Parliamentary activities in the old building is today. Beginning tomorrow, proceedings will be held in the new Parliament building, which is adjacent to the old one.

Venugopal told the media that “The old building is very beautiful, what is the problem in this one? Buildings are not important but the discussion inside them is very important. Parliament is for strengthening democracy and raising the concerns of the poor people of the country. When you talk about building, it will never give results but the discussion will.”

The Congress leader went on to speak about the women’s reservation law, saying that if the government is sincere, it should pass it at the special session.

“We are totally for women reservation, if they (the government) have any sincerity they should pass women reservation bill in this session. our LoP has told this in Rajya sabha too,” Venugopal said.

Deepender Singh Hooda, a Congress lawmaker, also spoke on the final day of the old Parliament building, saying that he considers himself fortunate that his family has been a part of this 75-year journey.

“It is an emotional moment for all of us, I consider myself fortunate that our family also had a part in this journey of 75 years. My grandfather was released from the British prison and after release he had taken oath in this Parliament only, he was a Member of this Parliament till 1978. After that, my father was a member here and since the last 20 years, I got this opportunity. It is not easy to define this Parliament,” Deepender Singh Hooda told the reporters.

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