BSF shoots down Pakistani drone carrying narcotics in Punjab’s Amritsar

Border Security Forces (BSF) officials shot down a drone early on Saturday morning near the international border in Rai village in Amritsar, Punjab, suspecting it was smuggling illegal drugs from Pakistan.

This took place the following day after the BSF found a Pakistani drone the previous Thursday and Friday nights close to the village of Rai on the international boundary. The box thought to contain heroin was reportedly discovered this morning, according to a statement from the BSF’s Punjab Frontier Public Relations Office, and it had a gross weight of roughly 5.5 kilogrammes.

“On June 10, at around 4 am BSF troops deployed at the border reported an Indian space violation by a drone coming from the Pakistan side. Troops also heard the sound of something having fallen in a farming field in depth area near the Rai village in Amritsar. As per the laid down drill, BSF troops immediately reacted, ” the PRO added.

During a subsequent search of the area, one large packet suspected to be contraband, wrapped in a yellow colour adhesive tape attached with a hook was recovered by the BSF troops from the farming field on the outskirts of Village-Rai, the PRO statement added.
On the opening of the big packet, 5 packets of heroin weighing approximately 5.5 kg were found wrapped with yellow colour adhesive tape, the PRO said.

Another nefarious attempt of Pakistan to smuggle contraband items was foiled due to the alertness of BSF troops in the Amritsar Sector, it further said. Earlier on the intervening nights of Thursday and Friday, the Border Security Force (BSF) troops recovered a Pakistani drone along the International Border near Rai village in the Amritsar sector in Punjab.

The BSF team was joined by the police in the search operation in which one large packet, suspected to be contraband, wrapped in a yellow-coloured adhesive tape was recovered from the farming field on the outskirts of the Rear Kakkar village in Amritsar. A green colour nylon rope and a hook attached to the packet were also found.

When the large packet was opened, five packets of heroin were found in it weighing 5.26 kilograms, the BSF said.


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