Bringing in a beautiful world

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it is true that through time, what has been considered beautiful has changed as the centuries have rolled by. Most of us have around us things we find to be beautiful, attractive or remind us of beautiful times. We perhaps, though, do not realise what a profound effect beauty has on us. It is very easy to have our attention drawn to what is ugly in the world at present, as so many things that are happening are often devoid of beauty. Yet, if we are to change our world to one of peace and happiness, then I must give myself permission to notice only the beauty around me. I, the soul, am shaped by how I see the world, and we are very touched by beauty. My potential to create something new begins with the ability to see beauty.
It is time to refine our lens of beauty. When we turn our thoughts to the kind of world we would like to live in, the pictures in our minds are full of beauty, abundance, colour, warmth, and of lovely nurturing environments. When I see beauty, my mood upgrades, my thoughts become more positive, and my attention is filled with appreciation. This happens in three ways:
It affects my mind, with awe and wonder, and this gives a boost to my mental health. A sense of wonder brings more strength, hope, and resilience to my mind.
It affects my attitude. It inspires me to rise above my ordinary, mundane thoughts. I become lighter and more optimistic. When we see beauty, we create more of it.
It affects my immune system, which is nourished by a positive state of mind.
It is up to us to choose whether to see beauty or pay attention to the ugliness around us. Even on the darkest day, if we look closely there will be something beautiful to appreciate. Although physical beauty has a powerful effect on us, the deeper kind of beauty is to be found in an act of kindness, a smile, a gentle word. The beauty of the human spirit is expressed through virtues. There is nothing that attracts more than a person of virtue. Whatever is noticed that is beautiful will always bring me back to my own inner beauty. We all have done beautiful things. We have created, inspired, encouraged someone, somewhere, at some time, and it is this we must remember and build on, so that we can walk ourselves back to the inner beauty of the soul. Then we can claim back the dignity, modesty, simplicity, that we have forgotten how to express to the full, because of trying to survive in a world that seems to have lost direction.
As we use our inner eye to see beauty in and around us, we naturally become more beautiful. In meditation and quiet contemplation of the intrinsic qualities of the soul, we strengthen our ability to express our virtues and be beautiful. In this way, we can bring about a beautiful world.

Judy Johnson coordinates the activities of the Brahma Kumaris in Atlantic Canada.

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