‘bring down 40% Commission Govt to 40 seats’: Rahul Gandhi


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday hit out at the incumbent BJP regime in Karnataka, claiming the “40 per cent commission government” will be reduced to 40 seats in the 10 May Assembly elections.
Addressing a roadshow in Vijayapura, Rahul said, “The Congress will form the government in Karnataka with 150 seats, while the 40 percent commission government of the BJP will be reduced to 40 seats.” The Congress leader’s taunt was in reference to allegations that the BJP regime sought a 40 percent commission in lieu of awarding government contracts.
Also hitting out at the BJP government at the Centre over the cancellation of his membership in the Lok Sabha, Rahul said if the saffron party thought that truth could only be spoken in Parliament, they were wrong as it could be told anywhere.
Rahul said, “I asked Prime Minister Modi in Parliament to clarify his relations with Gautam Adani. I asked him why the money from the whole country was being transferred to Adani. I asked him why the funds of the Life Insurance Corporation of India were being transferred to Adani. After listening to all this, they turned my microphone off and removed me from the Parliament. The BJP thinks that the truth can only be said in Parliament. It could be said anywhere.’
Invoking Basavanna on his birth anniversary, Rahul claimed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and leaders of the ruling BJP were not in favour of following the beliefs of the 12th-century social reformer.
“Basavanna used to preach that brotherhood should prevail in society. He always mentioned that everyone’s voice should be heard. He used to say that while speaking the truth, one should not fear anyone. The BJP talks a lot about Basavanna, but in reality, they do not follow his ideas and beliefs. Basavanna always said one should help the poor. But the BJP is helping millionaires and billionaires,” he said.
He also sought to reach out to farmers, labourers and small businesses, saying his party was committed to scripting a growth story that brings prosperity for all.
In his interaction with sugarcane farmers at Ramdurg in this district, he said India’s progress depended on the progress of its farmers, labourers and small businesses.
Gandhi said his conversations with farmers in Karnataka and across India had given him insight into the “ordeals brought upon them by the corrupt BJP regime, which is only focused on helping 2-3 of its ‘mitr’”.
Farmers and small business owners must be protected and empowered, and not assaulted with “flawed policies like the BJP’s GST”, he said.
“The Congress party is committed to scripting such a growth story, which brings prosperity for all”, he said in a tweet later.