Brinda Karat calls BJP master in defection

Communist Party of India (Marxist) Politbureau member Brinda Karat on Friday lashed out heavily on BJP National President JP Nadda for his remark that ‘BJP is different from other parties” and said that BJP is master in defection and now talking about ideology.

Nadda, in a statement, said, “BJP is different from other parties, look at all other parties, they are all after power and are deviating from their ideologies. Even the Communist Party has joined hands with Congress to take on the BJP.” Speaking to a leading news agency, Brinda Karat said, “JP Nadda should peep into his collar and see that the number of defectors with whom he has formed his government is a record.

After losing the elections in Madhya Pradesh, the BJP formed the government with defectors. After losing the elections in Goa, the BJP formed the government with defectors. The BJP lost the elections in Karnataka before this election, and the party formed the government with defectors. In Rajasthan, an attempt was made to form the government with defectors but failed. All efforts were made to take all the defectors of TMC in Bengal and now talk about ideology.”

“The party that formed the government with the defectors of every party is talking about an ideology that is surprising. Yes, I agree with Nadda Ji that the BJP is definitely a party with differences because they do not discriminate against defectors. Whoever defectors, be they thieves, dacoits, robbers, or criminals, who have cases of CBI or ED, there is no discrimination in them,” Karat said.

The former Rajya Sabha MP further alleged that the BJP’s doors are open for all defectors and said, “This is a new record in India, and these people talk about ideology and have become masters of defections.



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