Breathe promises to return with more drama and suspense


Q: When you see me, whom do you find — a father or a murderer?

A: A man who did all he could to save his family! This conversation between two pivotal characters of Breathe: Into The Shadows encapsulates the premise of the show. After the success of the first season, the makers of Amazon Prime’s web show Breathe are all set to return on the OTT platform with double the mystery, double the drama and two new faces — Abhishek Bachchan and Nithya Menon. The story revolves around the ordeal of parents, played by Abhishek Bachchan and Nithya Menon, whose daughter goes missing. As any father would, the actor turns the world upside down to find his daughter and uncover the mystery behind her kidnapping.

Amit Sadh, who continues his cop character from the first season, is given the responsibility to solve the case. The investigations reach a new high as Abhishek’s character gets actively involved in resolving the case and takes the matter in his own hands.

In the three minute and one second video, the audiences also get introduced to a rather mysterious character, supposedly the kidnapper, who tries to control Abhishek’s mind and manipulate him into killing people to save his daughter’s life.

With such twists and turns, the audiences are surely in for a rollercoaster ride, as the series gears to release on 10 July. Directed by Mayank Sharma and penned by Bhavani Iyer, Vikram Tuli, Arshad Syed and the director himself, the series has been produced by Abundantia Entertainment.

Those who have seen the first season and grown to love R. Madhavan’s character, who was in search of a perfect donor for his son in the first season, are sincerely hoping for his brief return. Whether that happens or not, we would have to wait for the web series’ premiere.