Brahmapuram Fire: Swapna Suresh challenges Kerala Chief Minister

Swapna Suresh challenges Kerala's chief minister over Brahmapuram fire.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was criticized by Deputy Chief Minister Swapna Suresh on Tuesday, the primary suspect in the Kerala gold smuggling case who alleged that his former principal secretary was implicated in the sale of the Brahmaputra factory.
Her comments were related to the catastrophic fire that started on March 2 at the waste management facility in Brahmapuram. Swapna Suresh thanked the Honorable CM on Facebook for breaking his silence after 12 days and finally he had decided to utter.
She said to the Honorable CM that the Mobilization advance paid to the contract company, took back and distribute among the ladies and gentlemen, the common public who were coming forward to put out the fire at BRAMHAPURAM.
According to Swapna Suresh, M Sivasankar, a former secretary to the Kerala CMO, was involved in the deal to to set up the waste management plant at Brahmapuram, therefore the Kerala CM allegedly did not respond to the massive fire incident. She promised to the residents, she would be standing for their rights as she knew the pain of them.

The issue is related to the massive fire that started on March 2 at the Brahmapuram waste management facility in Kochi which led to the decline in the quality of air in that area.
After the event, a rescue effort was launched, during which active fire zones received more than 5,000 liters of water.
The Ernakulam District Collector stated on March 12 that the Brahmapuram fire’s smoke levels had been reduced by at least 95%.
Additionally, the Kerala High Court ordered the Ernakulam District Collector to provide a detailed affidavit regarding the fire incident at the Brahmapuram Waste Plant.

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