Boosting immunity with natural care-based healing

Utilising new era healing system, a Delhi-based company, founded by Kamayani Naresh, eliminates the root cause of disorders in the body by using food and herbal supplements. Naresh reveals protocols for prevention of Covid-19.

Zyropathy is a new indigenously developed health system that believes that the human body is made of food and hence only food has the ability to repair it. It also believes that everybody has a doctor within which is immunity and its role is a day to day maintenance and repair. The Delhibased company uses a combination of supplements and Zyro naturals made from extracts of herbs and plants to repair the human body and its organs without any side effects by enhancing immunity and providing the essentials deficient in the body.

 Zyropathy believes that the main function of immunity is to protect the body from external aggression and internal disorders. To perform its functions optimally immunity ought to be strong and must possess the required essentials to produce desired antibodies. This system of medicine uses a combination of supplements and zyro naturals to boost immunity and provide protection against Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is now part of our habitat. It will, therefore, enter everybody and if immunity is strong it will kill the virus else the person will be infected with Corona. Thus, everyone will require sustained immunity forever here-in-after, believes Kamayani Naresh, founder of Zyropathy.

Naresh says, “Zyropathy has three protocols for prevention and one protocol for the cure of Coronavirus. Prevention Protocol-1 is for people staying at home and going out or interacting with few outsiders. Prevention Protocol-2 is for those working in administrative service interacting with a large number of people but in a less dense Corona environment. Prevention Protocol-3 is for hospital staff working in a high Corona dense environment. Corona Reversion Protocol is a 10-day program for Corona positive patients to revert to Corona Negative. We have treated and successfully cured Corona-positive patients with mild symptoms.”

The former Navy officer mentions that the effectiveness of Corona vaccine is under suspicion because of the relapse of Covid-19 in patients. The antibodies generated last for a shorter duration and hence raise doubts about its long term effectiveness. Although many countries are claiming to have succeeded in producing the vaccine for Coronavirus its usefulness is in doubt.