Books to look out for this week

Wondering of Indian International Ethics
Padmaja Bharti
Leading trails, rs 149

Wondering of Indian International Eth- ics sends a mesage of unity. In present times, peace is crucial for our current and future generations. How does di- plomacy work with ethical value? We need ethics in every aspect of our life and work. The book serves to know knowledge and morality. Now with inner peace being pegged as the new wealth, at work and off it; how does diplomacy work with ethical value? It describes how Indian ethics affect the world. Just to realise our diversity has global value and by old sustainable theories, all are the part of ethics.

The Making of Aadhaar
Ram Sevak Sharma
Rupa, Rs 595

Aadhaar is the world’s largest iden- tity project that enrolled a billion resi- dents. This book offers insights into its creation, at a fraction of the cost of the alternative, less sophisticated identity systems that had been previ- ously tried in India and elsewhere. It makes for an interesting case study as outcomes of major projects, especially in government, tend to range from the ‘underwhelming’ to the ‘spectacular failures’. Alongside Nandan Nilekani, the author led a brilliant team in devel- oping the technology that undergirds Aadhaar. The book tells an inside story of how Aadhaar came into being.

And… Perhaps Love
Sanil Sachar
Penguin, rs 299

A new normal has replaced the estab- lished order. Distant relationships, vir- tual work, blurred futures and measur- ing our way back to this reality occupy us every day. Negotiating these changes, Sanil Sachar’s And … Perhaps Love will work as your companion. It is a silent observer for when you want to read it, and a patient listener when you wish to communicate with it. Each turn of the page is a new chapter and an instance of life as you’ve encountered. Captur- ing the ideas of love, darkness and the attempt to find balance in life, this is a book for now and forever.

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