Bollywood’s ‘Satyaprem Ki Katha’: A Colourful Rom-Com Revolution!


“Satyaprem Ki Katha” – the latest love quest out of Bollywood – spins a vibrant, foot-tapping tale of an endearing underdog pursuing the woman of his dreams. Recalling the signature style of Richard Curtis and sprinkling a dash of Shakespeare, this love story paints a delightfully cheesy romance against the vibrant backdrop of Gujarat.

Kartik Aaryan takes on the role of Sattu, a charming if somewhat lost thirty-something protagonist, perennially unemployed, often found grumbling about his perpetual singlehood and botching up house chores for his dismayed parents. However, life takes a turn at a dance event, when the dazzling Katha, performed by the radiant Kiara Advani, captivates Sattu. From then on, winning her heart becomes Sattu’s life mission, even when she already has a suave boyfriend.

The film takes flight with Sattu’s unexpected heroism saving Katha’s life, and in return, he is offered her hand in marriage by her menacing father. The motives behind this arrangement unfold tantalisingly as the plot progresses.

The movie is a visual treat, bursting at the seams with vibrant hues and dramatic flair, peppered with mesmerising dance sequences that display a cavalcade of splendidly decked-up performers. Among its soundtrack, a remix of the Pakistani hit ‘Pasoori’ has received mixed reviews for its lively but less melancholic rendition. However, the overall musical score remains captivating and engaging, further enhancing the film’s irresistible charm.

“Satyaprem Ki Katha” hit the big screen on 29 June and is indeed a vibrant burst of colours and music, wrapped up in a heartwarming rom-com package that’s quintessentially Bollywood.

Box Office Collection: 50.61 crores in first week