Bollywood is on the cards: Ronit Ashra

In an exclusive conversation with The Daily Guardian, Ronit Ashra talks about venturing into the world of content creation, mimicking celebrities, and plans to enter Bollywoood.

Bollywood is on the cards: Ronit Ashra
Bollywood is on the cards: Ronit Ashra

Q: Do you remember your first video? What was it about?
A: Yes, I do remember the topic of my very first video. It was a duet with Ananya Panday. I began to imitate all the other celebs after that since it was favourably received.
Q: When did you decide to make content creation your full-time career?
A: Since I’ve been making videos for about 7 years and have had my ups and downs, I planned on making content creation my full-time career. Once, I nearly quit making videos because of the algorithm system, since I used to produce quick films and, despite posting them frequently, I didn’t receive much engagement. But, with time, I discovered that I am good at it and that I should continue doing it.
Q: Which celebrity do you enjoy mimicking the most?
A: Since a duet in one of my most well-liked videos included Ananya Panday, I’ve attempted it before with Alia Bhatt as well, so I really enjoy mimicking Ananya Panday and Alia Bhatt the most.
Q: What is the toughest part of content creation, according to you?
A: The hardest aspect of creating content for me is making videos since it relies so much on my entire team and the foundation clip, whose preparation takes about 4-5 days and has the exact structure outlined in it.
Q: Which video of yours are you most proud of?
A: I am proud of each and every one of my videos because they all required my complete effort and dedication.
I’ve said that I enjoy the way I make videos.
Q: What do you do to stay relevant amidst the fleeting attention of people?
A: As you can clearly see, my viewpoint is based on how relevant the subject matter is to the audience. Working on the material works for me since I have to put every last effort I have into it.
Q: Amid constant judgement on social media, how do you maintain your sanity?
A: It shocks me to learn that the personalities I like and have been following for such a long time are aware of me. The fact is, we do this to gain recognition, so it’s rewarding when well-known celebrities appreciate your work.
Consequently, it is how I keep my sanity.
Q: What’s next for you? Is Bollywood on the cards?
​​A: My next objective, now that I have formally relocated to Bombay, is to focus on partnerships.
I want to upload videos more frequently since I took a month’s break when I moved to Mumbai, and I wasn’t on the verge of becoming an influencer; I just disappeared.
In addition to taking acting lessons at my college, I now wish to post more regularly, and yes, eventually Bollywood is on the cards.


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