BJP’s governance model slams over management of Congress

The phenomenal victory of the BJP in the Gujarat assembly election this year reflects the emotional attachment that the people of Gujarat attest to Prime Minister Modi along with the BJP as a whole. One of the reasons for the BJP’s record-breaking victory in Gujarat, five years after it barely scraped a majority in the assembly is largely due to the lessons, that the BJP learned in 2017. The exceptional hard work of BJP workers played important role in the notable victory of the party in Gujarat. The micromanagement that the workers played for the welfare of the people of Gujarat specialty after 2017 is historic strength that Gujarat has shown today as the vote share of BJP has spiked to more than 54 per cent. On the other hand, Congress as the biggest contender in the Gujarat election constraints to less than 30 per cent of the vote share which is more than 10 per cent less in comparison to previous elections. The remarkable achievement of the BJP can also be addressed through the anger that the voters of congress have shown due to the avoidance of Gujarat and its people by the mismanagement of Congress high command in ruling out Gujarat from the list of states where “Bharat Jodo Yatra” supposed to enter. Due to this, there is a swing in the voting pattern from congress to Aam Admi Party as the party could able to gain more than 12 per cent of the vote share, being the first time contender in the Gujarat election.

Being a Gujarati leader, PM Modi creates a sense of Gujarati belongingness among the Gujarati people that play a great strength in achieving this historic win. 

However, the seat share of the BJP in Himachal Pradesh has drastically shifted from 44 to 25 seats in comparison to the last election showing the absence of mismanagement at the grass root level while working for the welfare of the hilly region. This gives an advantage to congress in forming government this time with a landslide victory in 40 seats whereas the BJP lacks a
marginal percentage of the vote share from congress this time.  

The BJP’s loss in Himachal Pradesh can be put down to the tradition of alternation that is in place in the hill State, no party has been known to be repeated there, but a large number of rebels in a disciplined cadre-based party has been a surprise to most observers of the BJP, especially under the Modi-Shah leadership of the party.

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