BJP MP calls Gandhis ‘viruses’, Congress calls it ‘gutter abuse’ to deflect govt failure

BJP MP Parvesh Verma on Sunday called Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra “viruses” in an attack after the former Congress president questioned the success of the Covid-19 lockdown. He said they should be sent to quarantine themselves as they couldn’t see the effect of the lockdown, while the whole world was praising India’s bold steps. He added that former Congress president Rahul Gandhi never sees any good done by the government.

“If you want to help, then come forward and if you can’t, just keep quiet and do not make unnecessary statements. If they can help, then they do not want to come forward, then keep quiet but do not give statements like this.” Verma told The Daily Guardian, “Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi are a virus themselves. They should be sent to quarantine centre until this coronavirus is over.” Verma’s statement saw the Congress lodge a strong protest.

Senior party leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi told The Daily Guardian, “If gutterlevel abuse and personal insults could cure India of the coronavirus or eliminate innumerable examples of governmental mishandling, I would, on behalf of the Congress party, welcome such abuse from BJP and its tall leaders. Unfortunately, such uncivilised comments do not deserve to be dignified with a reply. They only underline the admission of guilt by those in power and reflect their frustration, as if abusing and insulting the opposition will solve their own lack of competence and courage. I both pity them and wish them luck.”

All-India Mahila Congress President and former MP Sushmita Dev said, “People like Parvesh Verma are sitting in their houses, the Congress is working in the field, they don’t understand it. They talk a lot, ate nuts for years and are missing at the time of service.” During the all-party meeting on 22 May, Rahul Gandhi had questioned the success of the lockdown and said the lockdown in India failed and the disease will spread rapidly in the coming days.

In the same meeting, Sonia Gandhi, while referring to the breakdown of the economy due to the lockdown and the problems faced by the workers, said the government announced the lockdown without any preparation. This, in turn, led to migrant workers being forced to flee home leaving an unemployment crisis in its wake, she said.

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