BJP works to mend fences after Meghwal’s suspension

The BJP has taken damage control measures after the suspension of former Assembly Speaker and MLA Kailash Meghwal and his defiant stance. The party, observing no resentment within the Scheduled Caste (SC) category due to Meghwal’s suspension, is making efforts to unite the entire group.
On Thursday, the BJP’s SC Morcha (Scheduled Caste Front) held a press conference. It’s worth noting that the president of this front is also named Kailash Meghwal. Meghwal, the state president of the SC Morcha, criticized the serious allegations made by the former Assembly Speaker against all BJP leaders, including former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, Gulabchand Kataria, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, state president CP Joshi, opposition leader Rajendra Rathore, and deputy opposition leader Satish Poonia, which, in the Morcha’s view, are condemnable.
In the press conference, the state president of the SC Morcha, Kailash Meghwal, said that it’s unfortunate that former Assembly Speaker Kailash Meghwal has repeatedly accused party leaders. Therefore, his words are not taken seriously. It’s his nature, and he doesn’t want any leader from the Scheduled Caste to rise in prominence. He has never allowed any SC leader to progress throughout his life. Kailash Meghwal, while serving as the Assembly Speaker, used to say during social events, “I am too old now; I can’t go outside.” In the final phase of his life, Kailash Meghwal is not presenting an ideal image but is instead creating a hostile environment.

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