BJP will not be allowed to divert attention from public issues, says Rahul Gandhi on price rise


The Congress party intensified its attack on the ruling BJP at the Centre on Wednesday, with senior leader Rahul Gandhi alleging that the BJP was busy increasing the wealth of capitalists. Gandhi stated that the poor want to eat while the middle class is struggling to save money by listing the prices of tomatoes, lentils, and cooking gas.

Rahul Gandhi took to his Twitter and wrote in Hindi that “Tomato: 140 per kg, Cauliflower: 80 per kg, Toor Dal: 148 per kg, Arhar Dal: 219 per kg and cooking gas cylinder above 1,100. The BJP government, which is busy in increasing the wealth of capitalists and collecting taxes from the public, has forgotten the poor and middle-class families.”

Gandhi added that “In the Congress-ruled states, we reduced the prices of gas to provide relief from inflation, put money in the accounts of the poor for financial assistance.”

He further added “Bharat Jodo Yatra is a pledge to remove hatred, remove inflation, unemployment and bring equality – BJP will not be allowed to divert attention from public issues.”

Prime Minister Modi made a strong case for the UCC on Tuesday, claiming that the Constitution also mentions equal rights for all citizens. Addressing a gathering of party workers in Bhopal, Modi also stated that the BJP has decided not to pursue appeasement and vote bank politics.

in his address PM Modi stated that “You tell me, in a home, how can there be one law for one member and another law for another member?”

“Will that home be able to function? Then how will the country be able to function with such a dual system? We have to remember that even in India’s Constitution, there is a mention of equal rights for all,” he said. “These people (opposition) level allegations against us but the reality is that they chant Musalman, Musalman. Had they really been (working) in the interests of Muslims, then Muslim families would not have been lagging in education and jobs,” he said.