BJP mobilizes Gurjar support in Sachin Pilot’s turf, Tonk


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has devised a new strategy to encircle Sachin Pilot’s stronghold. The party is working on pulling the Gurjar vote bank in the Tonk assembly constituency, which falls within Pilot’s parliamentary area. The party is making efforts not only in Tonk but also across all assembly seats in the district to garner the Gurjar community’s support. This is the main reason behind Member of Parliament Ramesh Bidhuri’s appointment as the in-charge of Tonk district.
Before this, National Minister Alka Gurjar has also been quite active in the Tonk district. It’s worth noting that there are lakhs of Gurjar voters in the Tonk district, with an average of approximately 25,000 votes in each assembly constituency. Given this, Bidhuri, who also comes from the Gurjar community, is trusted by the local leadership.
It should be noted that Bidhuri was in the spotlight recently during the parliamentary session when he referred to a BSP Member of Parliament as a terrorist. His remarks stirred controversy and garnered national attention. However, the BJP officials in the Tonk district believe that they will receive good guidance from MP Bidhuri.
Meanwhile, Hari Prasad Bairwa, the President of the Congress in the Tonk district, stated that Member of Parliament Ramesh Bidhuri has made an irresponsible statement in Parliament, which is very shameful for an MP. He added that if the BJP had sent Bidhuri to encircle Sachin Pilot, they would not succeed. He claimed that people in Tonk, as well as across Rajasthan, like Pilot and hence, Bidhuri’s ideology would not work in Tonk.