BJP leader Ravi Shankar reacts on court’s verdict; says ‘It has become chronic habit’

Ravi Shankar Prasad
Ravi Shankar Prasad

Reacting to Gujarat High Court’s verdict on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s defamation case, BJP MP Ravi Shankar Prasad asked why can’t Congress control him adding that it has become a ‘chronic habit’ of Rahul Gandhi to abuse and defame leaders and organisations.

This comes after the Gujarat High Court on Friday refused to stay on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s plea seeking a stay on his conviction in the ‘Modi surname’ defamation case. Addressing a press conference in the national capital, Prasad said, “We would like to ask Congress, why can’t you control Rahul Gandhi? Why can’t you train him to speak properly? He is your leader.”

He also noted that if the Congress leader had apologised in this matter, it would have ended. “Had he apologised in this matter, it would have ended. It has become a chronic habit of Rahul Gandhi to abuse, defame and almost shower the worst kind of abuses against eminent leaders and organisations,” BJP MP said.

BJP leader Shehzad Poonawalla also reacted to Gujarat HC’s verdict and said that the court has shown them a mirror. He said that instead of apologising to the OBC community, the party workers threaten the judge and questioned the judiciary.

In a self-made video, Poonawalla said, “Congress party and Rahul Gandhi received a shock once again today. After Sessions Court, Gujarat High Court also showed them a mirror. They insult the OBC community and then instead of apologising, they act out of arrogance.”

“Rahul Gandhi should apologise to the OBC community but instead of that, either his party workers threaten the judge or the Congress party questions the judiciary,” he added.

The bench of Justice Hemant M Prachchhak on Friday said that the trial court conviction order is proper. “There is no need to interfere with the said order. Therefore, the application is dismissed,” he said.

The court dismissed Rahul Gandhi’s plea and noted that at least 10 criminal cases were pending against him and even after the present case, some more cases have been filed against him.