BJP leader Poonawalla slams Congress, saying “It is not Satyagraha, it is Duragraha”

BJP slammed Congress’ day-long Satyagraha. BJP national spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla on Sunday lashed out at the Congress and said the “Sankalp Satyagraha'” is nothing more than “Duragraha” against Other Backward Classes (OBCs) and courts of this country.

Poonawalla went on to say that Congress has been observing protest amid the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi as a member of Lok Sabha, which revealed their ‘Duragraha’ for courts as well as the constitution, because he was convicted by a court in a defamation case.

He further added that Jagdish Tytler has been taking part in the Satyagraha and was responsible for provoking the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. He joined the other party leaders today at Rajghat.

“Time and again, Congress was rubbing salt into the wounds of the Sikh community,” Poonawalla said. Tytler was being patronised by Congress during the MCD elections and the Bharat Jodo Yatra too, he said.

Poonawalla said that Mahatma Gandhi worked to unite the people of the nation, while Rahul Gandhi has been insulting the nation, the poor, and the weaker section of the community.


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