BJP demands Rahul must apologise publicly for his London remarks

Uproar took place in both Houses of Parliament on Friday amid Rahul Gandhi’s remarks in England. BJP was demanding an apology from Rahul, while Opposition parties were adamant on JPC in the Adani-Hindenberg controversy.

Several BJP leaders firmly made it clear on Friday that they won’t allow Rahul Gandhi to speak in Parliament until he first apologizes for his statements on Indian democracy in London.

The BJP leaders started shouting and demanded that Rahul apologize first for his remarks, which led to the adjournment of both Houses of Parliament. However, the Opposition parties were not mute spectators; they demanded a Joint Parliamentary Committee into the Adani matter.

Congress raised its voice regarding the microphones being muted for opposition leaders in the Parliament. Earlier, the microphone was kept in mute form, but today even the House proceedings were muted. The House is kept silent for PM Modi’s friends, the Congress tweeted in Hindi.

Rahul Gandhi appeared in the Lok Sabha for the second time today since the controversy surrounding his comments began, but no business could be conducted because the House was postponed till next week. Although Rahul Gandhi stated that he wants to address the accusations levelled against him in the House, the BJP remained adamant that he has to apologise first.

Shehzad Poonawalla, the national spokesperson for the BJP, described Gandhi’s comment as “egregious and terribly disrespectful” and said that before seeking redress in the Parliament, Gandhi should apologise publicly.

Numerous BJP leaders lashed out at Rahul Gandhi for degrading India’s image on foreign soil. Law minister Kiren Rijiju alleged that Rahul Gandhi spoke anti-Indian. However, BJP MP Nishikant Dubey stressed the formation of a special committee to examine the entire issue minutely and also demanded to terminate the Lok Sabha membership of Rahul Gandhi.

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