BJP a divided house: Can Hardik Patel bring value?


The BJP in Gujarat is a divided house over the inclusion of Hardik Patel in the fold. A section in the BJP is in serious doubt whether Hardik would be able to bring value to the saffron brigade or he is being hyped too much. Resentment is growing as a few Patidar leaders feared to be sidelined to pave the way for Hardik, who is expected to join BJP today.

The BJP, which has been in power in Gujarat for the last 25 years, is working hard to come back to power with over 150 legislators. As number-crunching begins, BJP is desperate to plug the loopholes in the organisation and fix the caste equations as well. Patidar samaj leader Hardik’s entry into the BJP is seen as one such effort.

But will it bring fortunes for the BJP? The BJP rank and file has a diverse opinion as some seriously doubt his capability as a vote-catcher while another section feel that Hardik may bring back Patidars who are somehow annoyed with the party.

The doubting Thomases do have their own point of arguments. As a Congress leader Hardik Patel was the most vociferous against the BJP and its policy. In fact, he rose to the fame only It sounds odd now when the same leader campaigning for the BJP. The results due to his entry, hence, always remain doubtful. Analysts feel the party rank and file has, hence, enough reason to be angry about the decision of the party High Command.

Also, the BJP has a history of lapping up many stalwarts from Congress earlier too, however, many of them failed to do a decent job for the party and, hence, fell from the grace. Narhari Amin, Alpesh Thakor to name a few. Amin and Thakor came from the Congress, but have failed to bring the desired results.

Many in BJP think Hardik will also be no exception. The high hope the party has put on them is bound to backfire.