Bit confused as to why it was necessary, says Shashi Tharoor on Parliament Special Session

Congress Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor stated that they were all perplexed as to why this special session was called, given that the laws that the administration has been discussing might have been introduced later.

Shashi Tharoor told the media “We were all a bit confused as to why it was necessary because in many ways, a lot of bills they have been talking about could have been introduced later. But it is now becoming clear, the government wanted to make a special moment out of shifting from one building to another. They have tried to do it in a special way. We can understand the objective there.”

Furthermore, on the last day of Parliamentary proceedings in the old building, Congress MP Tharoor stated that leaving an institution rich in history and memories is always an emotional experience.

“Well this building is full of memories as the PM also said, it is full of history. It will be a sad moment. Let’s hope that the new building has better facilities, new technology and more convenience for the members of the Parliament. But still, it is always an emotional moment to leave an institution which is so full of history and memories,” Shashi Tharoor added.

The Parliament’s five-day special session began at 11 a.m. on Monday. The special session is being held at the old Parliament building, and MPs will relocate to the new building on Tuesday, the second day of the session.

Earlier in the day, while speaking to reporters outside Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that several crucial decisions will be made during this special session of Parliament. The Prime Minister urged MPs to commit to working to make India a developed country by 2047.

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