Birthday wish from Mamata


Rahul Gandhi celebrated his 53rd birthday quietly without any fanfare. Congress workers are not seen outside the resident of Sonia Gandhi where Rahul stays now after his eviction from official Tughlak Lane residence. This year, Rahul got surprise birthday wish from West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Those who know that perhaps after a long gap Mamata sent her wish to former Congress President. It is known to political circles that Mamata has problem with Rahul for many reasons. Rahul is instrumental for West Bengal Congress and Left tie up. Even State congress leadership wants to continue the alliance with Left parties. In many districts, Congress and Left have put up common candidate for the upcoming panchayat poll of the state. Recently, West Bengal CM has announced in one of the public meetings that if Congress leaves alliance with the Left she can support congress in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. Perhaps keeping future possibility, Mamata sent good wishes to Rahul this year.

Bihar politics now all over mango-litchi
According to BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for the first time has not sent Bihar’s famous mango and litchi to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other dignitaries. During NDA regime, it was a regular practice of sending mangoes and litchis to President of India, Prime Minister and other dignitaries of the capital. By that, Bihar mangoes got opportunity for premium export to Europe and other countries. By that, state earned huge foreign currency in return. Now, this time, politics has turned so ugly that even courtesies are missing in the politics. In the name of distancing from BJP Chief Minister has forgotten niceties, as it is being alleged by the main opposition of the state.

Bollywood films ‘sensitive’ for political parties
These days, political activists have become so sensitive that many times, they have started dictating how the script should be written. After the huge controversy over blockbaster ‘Adi purush’, it is now ‘Gadar 2’ of Sunny Deol facing wrath of Punjub Akali parties. Gurdwara Prabandhak committee has objected to a scene which was shot inside the Golden temple. The film was supposed to be released in August but the script writer has to rewrite the scene and fresh shootings have to be organised. Sunny Deol is now with the ruling party BJP. But they could not get any help from them because in upcoming Lok Sabha polls, BJP may tie up with the Akali Party.