Birendra Singh’s rally aims to shift political landscape in Haryana


As Haryana gears up for upcoming assembly and parliamentary elections, political rallies are in full swing. After INLD and JJP showcased their might on September 25, BJP’s Chaudhary Birendra Singh is set to hold his ‘Meri Awaaz Suno’ rally on October 2. The event aims to solidify Singh’s claims on the Uchana assembly seat and demonstrate his political influence.
While Birendra Singh labels the rally as non-political and hasn’t invited any BJP leaders, its implications are expected to resonate through the state’s political landscape. Recent statements suggest Singh’s dissatisfaction with the BJP, leading to speculation about his potential shift in allegiance. Rumors suggest he may either announce a new party or align with Congress.
Political analysts believe a successful rally could benefit the BJP if Singh remains loyal. Notably, BJP’s rapport with the influential Jat community, led by leaders like Singh, is limited. A successful rally by Singh could be a game-changer for the BJP to penetrate the Jat vote bank. In return, Singh may seek political guarantees from the BJP for his son, Brijender Singh, who was elected MP from Hisar in 2019.
Inside sources reveal the BJP hopes for Singh’s rally success, aiming to appeal to the Jat community and exert pressure on ally JJP. With mounting pressures, the JJP has tried to leverage its position, but a triumphant rally by Singh could tilt the balance in BJP’s favor.
Family rivalries further complicate the political scenario. Chaudhary Birendra Singh and Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala have sparred over political dominance, especially regarding the Uchana seat. Singh and his family are determined to contest from Uchana, a seat with deep-rooted significance for them.