Bihar migrants praise Yogi, slam Nitish for not doing enough

It’s hopelessness that has come to grip a group of 16 Bihari migrant labourers walking back home from other states. These labourers, hailing from Purnia and Katihar in north-east Bihar, are totally exhausted, have run out of ration which they carried with them, and their shoes and slippers have given way. Now, they wait anxiously at the Mithapur bus stand in Patna, from where no buses are plying right now, with the hope that the state administration would shed its callousness and help them to reach home. Mohammad Abdur Rehman, who is in his early 20s, along with his three friends, decided to walk back home from Nagpur 10 days ago. They were fortunate to get a lift on the trucks plying on the highways for some distance but had to walk the rest. Sharing his ordeals with The Daily Guardian, Rehman said, “The UP police helped us a lot.

They arranged our food, water and even transport. People gave us fruits and bottles. UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ji made all arrangements for us, but when we reached Bihar, we were abused and were turned down wherever we went.” His friend, Mohammad Imran Hasmi, showed his torn shoes and said that they felt rejected the moment they entered Bihar. The team has now run out of money and patience and the members seem to have resigned to their fate. While wiping his tears, Abdul Quadir, the youngest member of the group, said, “We have been walking on the highway without food and help, from Mohania to Patna. Nitish Kumar makes tall claims but it was Yogi who helped us in every way.” Mohammad Adil, who came from Haryana, had the same words of praise for Yogi Adityanath and anger towards the Bihar government. He said that the group was treated like untouchables in their own state and, instead, got all the possible help from the Uttar Pradesh government.

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