Bhutan Foreign Minister Tandi Dorji lauds India’s G20 Presidency

India's G20 presidency is described as "absolutely stunning" by Bhutan's foreign minister, Tandi Dorji


Tandi Dorji, the foreign minister of Bhutan, praised India’s G20 presidency on Saturday (local time), calling it “stunning and exemplary.” He described India as Bhutan’s “very strong partner”.  Tandi Dorji said, “India has always been a very strong partner for Bhutan and will continue to wish India the best. And we hope that India will continue to be the voice of the Global South.”
“Absolutely stunning, as I mentioned, India’s presidency of the G20 was very, very exemplary. In that, it represented all of the global south. And for the entire year, India has always included the participation of all the countries from the Global South. And we are very, very proud to be a partner of India,” he added.

Samoa Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Mataʻafa said, “The colleagues who spoke on the presidency of India’s G20 encapsulated, I think, the general feeling of the South in terms of India’s leadership and stewardship of the development process and in partnerships with the South. And I think there’s been a significant leadership role. And you can see by the representation at the meeting today people’s appreciation of that leadership, which is very much needed in the current geopolitical framework and architecture.”

Three-time Grammy Award-Winning Ricky Kej said that India is taking strong leadership considering how highly the leaders have spoken about India’s role in the South South Cooperation. Kej said that India has been looked upon as a leader of the Global South and he feels “proud about it.” “I’m really happy to be here in New York at this lovely event on the fringes of General Assembly Week,” said Ricky Kej. And it’s so amazing to see where India is now.In the past, we always felt that India was always on the sidelines when it came to intergovernmental decisions, but right now, India is not only participating, but India is also taking strong leadership. This is especially true when you consider that India has been viewed as a leader of the Global South and that all these amazing excellencies are speaking about India’s role in South South cooperation right now.