Actor and social media sensation Bhavin Bhanushali is a part of drama series ‘Who’s Your Daddy 2’. The story revolves around a small-town orphaned boy Shooshan played by Bhavin, who has come to a new city, is studying in a new college where he will form new relationships and face new problems. His quest to find out who’s his daddy gets him trapped in a funnily tragic situation that could never happen in any lover’s life.

 Giving viewers the perfect gift during the festive season, the makers have taken the laughter quotient a notch higher with the second season of the show. Bhavin Bhanushali spoke exclusively to The Daily Guardian and shared his experience of working in the series.

How did you bag the role in ‘Who’s Your Daddy 2’?

I have been working with Alt Balaji for two years and got a call from the creatives for the show. When I heard the name I thought it will be an adult show which I did not prefer doing but they briefed me about the character and as soon as I heard it I was ready to step into the shoes of Shooshan.

Tell us about your character? 

Shooshan is opposite to who I am in real life. I am an introvert whereas Shooshan is totally different, he is a prankster. I enjoyed playing the character as it has many shades to it.

How different is working for web series and music videos? Which one would you prefer?

Being a part of a music video and web series is very different. In a music video, the song is played and you have to act and show emotions according to the song whereas in web series, the character is all yours, you have to emote and do the mannerisms. It’s tough to work in a series. I’ll choose both and would love to be a part of both.

You have worked with Sameeksha also as a team, how was the experience of working with her for the web series?

I have been working with Sameeksha for last two years. It has always been fun working with her. I was happy when I got to know she is also a part of the series and like always, it was great working with her.

Will we see you more in web shows?

I am in talks with some OTT platforms. Let’s hope for the best.