Bharat Rashtra Samithi urges President Murmu to advise Centre to bring ‘Adani Act’

Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS) on Tuesday urged President Murmu to advise Centre to bring ‘Adani Act’ claiming there is only ‘crony capitalism’ now.
“We heard the President’s address today, but the issues like unemployment or price hike were not included in it. I suggest to the President to advise the PM to bring an act called the ‘Adani Act’ as there is only crony capitalism now,” BRS MP K Keshava Rao said while addressing the reporters here.
Notably, the party along with AAP, boycotted President Murmu’s address.

BRS hit out at the Central government and said that it has failed in all the sectors of development and governance.
“Modi government has failed in all sectors of development and governance during the last eight years. Since we wanted to focus on concerning issues so that the debate will go on the right path,” he further said.
Rao also said that the protest by the party is absolutely a “democratic and demonstrative” protest against Murmu’s address.
“We have respect for her like everyone. The protest by the party is absolutely a democratic and demonstrative protest against her address,” he added.
The President’s usual speech to a joint session and the Finance Minister’s submission of the Economic Survey signalled the start of the Parliament’s budget session on January 31.
Today in the Central Hall of the Parliament, the President addressed both Houses for the first time.
Along with the BRS party, the Aam Aadmi Party abstained from Murmu’s speech.

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