Bentley makes a big statement with new, upgraded Bentayga

Raising its bar in power, speed, comfort and luxury, the British carmaker impresses with its much improved luxury SUV Bentayga. We bring you five major upgrades in the car.

Five years ago, Bentley made a big statement before its rivals like Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce by launching Bentayga, which ultimately paved its way into the ultraluxury Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment. Made by 53 people within 130 hours, Bentayga remains the company’s bestselling model both in style and substance and by launching its upgraded version in 2020, the company has surely raised its bars in this segment.

Over the years, Bentley has been at the receiving end of constant criticism for its reluctance to renovate the luxury SUV. But this year, the company has put all criticism to end and has come with a new Bentley Bentayga. And if we believe the makers, then it is completely a new luxury SUV. Every panel at the front and the rear of the car has been changed and a sheer look at it suggests that they are not off the mark. It has a completely new and refreshed exterior which is an upgraded and a better version.

The car features a new matrix grille, which is larger and more vertical than the previous version. There are new MED matrix headlamps and a more muscular front bumper. Add to this, the newly-designed 22-inch alloys give a strong, sporty look to the car. Even the tailgate and tail-lamps are totally renovated from the old version. The ovalshaped split sport tailpipes are larger and grander than before. There’s also a fresh roof spoiler. From the more vertical front grille, to the elongated, redesigned rear spoiler, the new Bentley Bentayga looks beefy than its predecessor.

The SUV’s infotainment system was often criticised for not being up there, compared to, say, Audi and Porsche. Likewise, the car, which has been around since 2016, had seen no significant styling or technology upgrades. The new car doesn’t disappoint on this front too. The renovation in substance almost matches the style. It has a fully digital information panel on the lines of Continental GT and Flying Spur. There’s also a new steering wheel. And the renovated centre console has a new 10.9 inches touchscreen infotainment system. Though the mechanical changes in the car are limited, it still makes a strong statement.

The following are the 5 major upgrades which make Bentayga a game changer

Larger touchscreen

With rivals like Mercedes and Cadillac already offering much larger touchscreen, it was high time for Bentley to improve on its 8-inch touchscreen. With the new Bentayga, the car gets a state-of-the-art 10.9- inch touchscreen with new Android Auto capability.

Advanced navigation

The luxury SUV now has an advanced navigation system featuring threedimensional building displays as well as satellite maps. The head-up display can now show traffic data, street names, and distances onto the windshield.

Comfy seats

 The new SUV has comfortable seats, with more sculpting around the shoulder area. In a bid to appeal to a wider clientele, the car makers have introduced two new seating layouts for the new Bentayga- a four-seat and a seven-seat layout, replacing the sole five-seat configuration sold previously. The addition of a seven-seat option reinforces the SUV’s status as “the world’s most versatile luxury vehicle”.

Better audio

New Bentayga has ditched the standard 10-speaker audio system, with a 12-speaker Signature Audio system. A 20-speaker Naim sound system is optional. This makes the driving and journey an altogether different experience.

More tech-savvy

The new car has an embedded SIM, so you don’t need your phone to set up a data connection. Bentley says it has improved its remote services through the MyBentley app, including features like “find my car” and “lock my car”.