Bengal cannot be won with good speeches: Arjun Singh


Before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Arjun Singh left the TMC and joined the BJP. This time, as soon as the assembly elections were over, the leader from Barrackpore left the BJP and returned to TMC. After entering the old party in a new way, he became vocal against BJP. The rebel leader shared his views with The Daily Guardian Review.

BJP Lok Sabha MP Arjun Singh joins TMC in Kolkata on Sunday.

Q: You returned to TMC after three years. Why this return?

A: This decision has been made for many reasons. The biggest reason is that the Bengal BJP has not taken any decision for me in three years. It was not possible for activists like us who work at ground zero to perform. All the factories in my centre are closed. The BJP should have taken the responsibility because it is under the central government. Instead, I had to fight this battle alone. I thought I would get support from the BJP in Bengal but in vain. Second, I had to face obstacles in my work in the organization. I had told this to the central leadership many times. But there was no solution. So, I was forced to leave the party and join the TMC to bring peace to my area, to save my activists, and to continue the fight.

Q: BJP is saying that your absence will not have any effect on the party. Your comment.

A: If there is no influence in Bengal or elsewhere then it is good for a political party. However, the BJP does not know what the impact is, what the election is or what the booth is. The leaders of the party gave good speeches. However, elections in Bengal cannot be win with good speeches in politics. The BJP leader who gave the speech said that it was not a matter of winning or losing. But winning in Bengal is the main thing. I think it would be better if the BJP says that my departure will not have any effect. 

Q:  Political experts are of the opinion that you joined BJP for power. What do you have to say?

A: Lots of people before me joined BJP. Did TMC recognise anyone? The way TMC fought against me, did it against anyone? TMC recognised me. They felt that the BJP needed to lose this candidate. They used all their power against me. Why would TMC take so much power against someone like that? This proves that there is no logic in what the BJP is saying. I didn’t use BJP for power. 

Q: What’s your next plan? 

A: I will relax a little. There are seven MLAs who will work. Then I will fulfill the responsibility given to me by the TMC. I have been working alone for so long, now it is my turn to relax a little.