Majumdar met PM Modi forthe first time since he became state president. He said: ‘I talked to the Prime Minister about the post-poll violence in the state. The Prime Minister knows everything.’

The World Bengal Business Summit will be held in Kolkata in April. After the conference was cancelled for the past two years because of coronavirus, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has taken initiative to make the business community Bengali-oriented. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi may be present at the start of the conference, Mamata said.

After the November 24 meeting between the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister, Mamata said: “The Prime Minister has accepted the invitation.”

On Friday afternoon, BJP MPs from Bengal, led by party state president and Balurghat MP Sukanta Majumder, went to meet PM Modi to invite him to visit Kolkata in January. According to BJP sources, Modi agreed but did not confirm the date and venue.

This is Majumdar’s first meeting with Modi since he became state president. He said: “ I talked to the Prime Minister about the post-poll violence in the state. The prime minister knows everything.” He added: “I have informed him how the BJP workers are being attacked. At the same time, I have requested the court to expedite the CBI’s probe into the violence.

Although he has invited the Prime Minister to visit Kolkata in January, Majumdar was not in favour of bringing Modi to Bengal before the World Business Summit in April.

“The Amrit Mahatsov festival of independence is being celebrated in the country,” he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the capital city of Kolkata to attend the Netaji Jayanti celebrations on January 23 this year. Mamata was also present. Nevertheless, controversy erupted over the use of ‘Jai Sriram’ slogan at the official function before the Assembly elections. Therefore, there is confusion in the BJP camp over whether Modi will return to Kolkata in January 2022. Meanwhile, the BJP leaders of Bengal feel that the possibility of Modi’s visit in January is slim ahead of the Assembly elections in other states, including Uttar Pradesh.