‘Be it the Center or State government, unemployment should be everyone’s priority’, says Rajasthan CM

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot at a mega job fair said the biggest problem in the country after inflation is unemployment.

Meanwhile, the job fair was organized by the state government and stated both the governments the Center and State should treat unemployment as a priority.

While addressing the public at the job fair Gehlot said, “The biggest problem in the country after inflation is unemployment. Three-fourths of our population is youth, they should get opportunities for employment whether it is government or non-government job. Be it the Centre or State government, this should be everyone’s priority.”

“It is the responsibility of governments to bring investment and change our economic policies so that youth who wants to start their own work can get a loan. Investment opportunities should increase so that more jobs can be offered to youth. If a government post is created then it should not remain vacant for long,” Gehlot said.

Moreover, Rajasthan CM Gehlot said, the job fair has given opportunities to youth to provide employment and he is very happy with the mega job fair.

However, Gehlot further said, “I am happy that a large number of youths are getting employment through the employment fairs being organized by the state government.”

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